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1994 Bluebird BMC 37' Motorcoach For Sale

Coach will transfer ownership in mid - late November in Texas.

No longer available.

Note:  The buyer did a through inspection and question/answer session for about 4-5 hours total, and a 1 - 1.5 hour test drive.

1994 Bluebird BMC 37' wide body bus (factory built motorhome) available  in the 3rd or 4th week of November near Denton TX.  (just north of DFW).  Lot's of updates and improvements.  We cannot sell earlier as we are full-timers, buying a larger 2 slide coach at that time.

Cummins 8.3, Allison 3060 6 speed. New batteries July 2016 (6 AGM 31 series, 2 are chassis, 4 are house). New Michelin H rated tires Sept 8 2016.  100 gallons fresh water, 50 gallon black tank, 50 gallon grey tank.  150 gallon fuel tank.  42 gallon propane tank (fills to 80% as designed).

300 watts solar with capacity to add one more 100 watt panel with the in place controller (AM Solar in Oregon products).  10 KW Power Tech generator (Kubota diesel powered). 

Generator has 873.4 hours, coach odometer 80,300 miles (9/6/2016, WA State).  We will be in Oregon in Sept, then driving to TX.  We will route through CA, AZ, and New Mexico for viewing opportunities in advance.  We are full timing in it, reliable coach.

I will be asking $40,000 for quick sale. If not sold in a timely manner we will consign it with . Most 94 to 97 BB BMCs have been selling from 38K to 54K over the past 2 years. 

Great online support community for Bluebirds.  Wanderlodge Owners Group - Powered by vBulletin   (especially see the BMC sub forum)

We purchased this Bluebird coach in Sept 2004 with all factory "silent recall" upgrades: rear axle to 22,000 lb, engine hatch vents, and chassis AC upgrade.   Front axle is  12,000 GVWR, rear axle was factory upgraded from 19,000 to 22,000 GVWR. 


Plumbing updates:

-   Aquajet ES 3.5 gpm on demand water pump - mounted on wood instead of metal for noise reduction. 

- Added black water tank built in flush system.

- Garnet See Level II exterior  tank sensors on fresh, black, grey tanks (no fouling of sensors with this system). 

- Modified fresh water system w, 2.5" * 20" water cartridge using 1 micron replaceable water filters, high end house type adjustable water pressure regulator w gauge (all high flow high filtration).  3 to 5 spare water filters will be included for future use.

- Kitchen faucet just updated in August 2016 with a high end Moen Kinzel Stainless pull out.

- Upgraded high end bath faucet, new shower head.

- New vented Splendide 2100XC combo washer/drier installed Aug 2016.

Electrical 12 volt and 110 volt updates:

- Xantrex truecharge 40+ smart charger/converter replaced dumb chargers (charges both banks) w remote indoor  monitor. 

- PD Itellipower 9260 60 amp smart charger for house battery bank, for use when dry camping to speed up charging when on generator.

- Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C built in surge suppressor/shore power monitoring. (monitors voltage, hertz, and pedestal wiring errors - shuts down when necessary to safeguard coach)

- Yandina automatic battery bank combiner with switching options. 

- 3 AM Solar 100 watt solar panels w "smart" HPV-22 controller

- Tri-Metric 2020 battery monitor system. 

- LED lights in every incandescent and previous florescent fixture (12 volt) in interior.

- Flush mount PMMI 12 volt clock/alarm in wood over bed.  

- Note: the original 2800 watt invertor is working great.

Entertainment updates:

-  Alpine AM/FM/CD/XM with remote control and XM sat antenna on roof

-  Alpine 6 cd changer.

- Widened both TV cabinets and flush mount installed, 28" Vizio LCD TV in living room  Magnovox 19" LCD flush mounted in bedroom. 

- Sony Blu Ray/DVD player.

- Cell antenna on roof, Cyfre hard wired cell amplifier. (boosts MiFi devices, USB devices for internet service in weak areas). Device must have an antenna port as this is a wired system.

-  I will remove and retain my Dish VIP satellite receiver, and the remote Dish Tailgater, but all the prewiring and switching will remain. 

Living updates:

-   Replaced the small  dining table with a built in computer/dining/book shelf center w matching Corian top. This new system added double the usual counter space, but did not reduce useable living space.

- Added large fire safe in the new cabinet, storage shelves for 2 laptops, and space for a wireless printer/scanner  (printer scanner not included in coach sale).

-   MCD Innovations blinds replace all day/night blinds in coach, powered front MCD blinds.  All have sun blocker and night blinds on all windows.  (bedroom still curtains)

-   Remote control Fan Tastic vent in bath w MaxAir II vent rain cover.

-  Remote control Maxx Fan Deluxe w remote in kitchen vent, w built in rain cover (new Aug 2016)

- Propane, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors updated, new fire extinguishers as well.

-   New front to back bamboo flooring installed, with new carpet on upright surfaces (by Ernie Flooring, Aug 2010)

- High end mattress on bed, always used with a mattress cover.  I can provide a new mattress cover before sale.  You will just need sheets and blanket to drive it home.

- Interior was redecorated to south western style.  (See things to do below for comment on needed future upholstery work.)

Miscellaneous updates: 

- Installed pressure pro tire monitor, 6 sensors for coach tires. (Note:  Negotiable for inclusion:  Pressure pro tire monitor system with 6 newer sensors)

- Installed two 12 volt fans over driver/passenger for more airflow. 

- Marshall brass extend-a-stay propane kit on propane tank. (Propane BBQ included w coach)

- Wired coach with US Gear Unified Tow Brake.

- Updated  - new model air dryer w econ

- Installed road master sway bars front and rear

- Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer

- Set ride ht, 4 corner weigh, alignment

- Aero 4040XL engine muffler, #10 fuel plate, dyno testing, change engine timing from 12 degrees to 14 degrees

- ISSPRO boost and egt gauges installed.

- PRXB 2 stage exhaust brake (old PAC was one stage design).

- Bilstein shocks. 
(with all of the above coach handles great now, and more power for merging and passing)

- 4 new rear tail light assemblies (old ones were weathered).

- Sprayed lower front cap with LineX coating and color match painted (Linex resists road debris and bugs better than paint)

-   Fridge, furnace, hot water heater,  bath toe kick 110 volt heater, Kwikee electric steps electrics and more all have been replaced.
        (Hot water is DSI, uses propane, or electric, and also coolant heated by Cummins in travel).

-   Jul 2016, new AGM batteries (all 6)

-  Sept 2016, all six Michelin H rated tires replaced

- Generator has 873.4 hours, coach odometer 80,300miles (as of 9/6/2016 in WA state)


Previously on the "to do"  list - now fixed:

I fixed the small  rust spots under the windows. 3 coats of rust killer, 3 coats of  touch up paint. 

The 2 dining  chairs now have new foam and fabric.  Reupholstery complete on 9-13-2016.

All six tires are now new Michelin 16 ply XZE H rated - Sept 8, 2016.  (All 6 batteries were new July 2016, two big ticket items most buyers face are now taken care of in advance)

Several windows rescreened.

Replaced one front clearance light, all good now.  While I had a ladder out I checked all roof penetrations and resealed one questionable spot (from the new kitchen vent install done by others a couple weeks ago).

9/20/16 update: The 2" aluminum strips that were bubbling are now fixed.  If the factory paint on the 2" strips were  rated 10 on appearance, and the bubbling strips were rated 1, we are now at 6, 7 or 8 on appearance.  Pulled, sanded, "rattle can" painted.  Up close you can tell it is a self help fix.  10 yards out it looks good - much better now.

9/24/16 Instahot removed, plumbing capped off, sink top has a nice cap that looks great. 

9/25/16 Generator oil and filter change. 6 quarts 10-30, NAPA Gold oil filter. Tightened gen fan belt slightly.

10/26/16 Allison service complete with new Transynd fluid and filters.  The chassis and Cummins service is  current - just done approx. 6 months ago by Cummins in Spokane WA.

11/7/16 U line dedicated ice maker freezes now fixed and producing ice. For future reference, Walmart sells same size dedicated icemaker for just over $200 with Chinese knock off.

Partial Fix:

The windshield washer pump is now working again.  For the final complete fix, two new sprayer nozzles to hit the width of the windshield are required. 

Still To Do List:

The dash air con needs Freon. System was rebuilt in 2004 in Albuquerque by Cummins (new compressor). 

Spot light will not turn side to side.  (It comes on and goes up and down but not side to side)

Upholstery redo needed on lower (only lower) window surrounds, on the one remaining barrel chair, and on the couch. New owner might want to purchase two new matching barrel (or other) chairs, since we had removed one for free space.  The cabinet just forward of  the barrel chair is held in place by just a few screws, and the bamboo flooring is under it. (so it can be shifted for furniture placement options, such as a recliner or loveseat).

Paint work needed on lower body fiberglass panels (basement down). The coach is decent appearing, but a paint update in some sections would make it "pop".  We often get compliments on the shine and appearance (10 - 15 yard great looking coach). 

(Bluebird BMCs are galvanized steel except for front and rear cap, and basement storage doors.

The roof clear coat paint is peeling quite a bit.  For the roof clear coat "bad" sections, I recommend hiring one of the many shops now offering total roof sealing.  Coat the roof with one of the new products and it will be good for another 20 years.  NOTE: There is still paint over the galvanized roof steel, everything is still protected. 


Three new photos, taken 9/13/2016.  You can click on any pics, and get a larger view (if your browser cooperates).

This also gives a better view of the LineX spray on the front cap lower - resists bugs and road debris much better than paint.

Flooring by Ernie:

MCD Day Night Shades (kitchen faucets updated since these photos)

Computer/dining center (before Ernie Flooring)

Solar/Battery Monitor

Outside paint scheme (it is the green lower all the way around (except front) that could use repaint, clear coat peeling in some places, and scratches, some deep).  The aluminum strip directly below the windows needs to be sanded and painted - looks like electrolysis bubbling the paint.  It's difficult to get paint work done when living in the coach so I have not tackled it.

Bedroom curtains.  MCD shades everywhere else.  This is the décor of the window surrounds. 

PMMI alarm/clock over bed (these are no longer available)

3 Bedroom photos.  There is a closet on both sides (same size as below TV on other side):

Front of coach

New kitchen faucet (Aug 2016)

Full Timing with BMC photos:  

Dan Weaver,

AC7880 on Bluebird forums.

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